• Babazoo
    A tiny purple planet far…far away beyond a bajillion stars. It is home to the Babazoobas.

  • Bunsen
    Bunsen is Queen Zoorelda's super smart scientist on the Planet Babazoo. A galactic genius, Bunsen studies all things in the universe and has mastered every type of science. He loves to tinker in his laboratory and create cool new inventions. Bunsen is the Queen's right-hand man and watches over her in the castle.

  • Chi Chi
    Easily distracted. Totally unpredictable. Chi Chi has more energy than he knows what to do with. He never stops moving and playing when he’s in your house or anywhere with the other Babazoobas.

  • Frida
    Frida loves to laugh and always has something funny to say. But don’t let that humor fool you. Frida is a tough cookie and has quite a history of adventures back on Babazoo. When she is in your house, Frida is full of mischief and will play practical jokes.
  • Gonzo
    Many people think Ginzo’s horns are really antennas – he is very sensitive to all sounds. Ginzo loves music and uses the nickname GZ. You will often find him snuggling in a soft tissue box because he likes to sleep whenever he can catch some Z’s.
  • Phanta
    Phanta is a born leader and takes control of almost every situation. He is logical, brave and smart -- and always ready to help Queen Zoorelda on her quest to find Toodle Beans. Phanta is here to explore Earth and takes his job very seriously. He often goes on secret missions at night when you are sleeping.
  • Queen Zoorelda
    Queen Zoorelda is the tiny Queen on the Planet Babazoo. She is a quirky little lady who loves to walk in her garden, play with her pets and get into all kinds of strange adventures. The Queen LOVES Toodle Beans, tasty little beans found deep in the forests of Babazoo. She will do anything for Toodle Beans (ANYTHING!).

  • Toodlebeans
    Toodle Beans are the Queen’s favorite treats in the entire universe and she will do anything to get them. They are found deep in the forests of the Planet Babazoo. These unusual purple beans have pink speckles and taste like a cross between a super sweet grape and cotton candy. They are like nothing on Earth! Yummy!

  • Toodles
    Toodles is Queen Zoorelda’s cute pink poodle from Planet Babazoo. Toodles may look innocent, but she is really a master of virtually all martial arts including Tai Kwon Do, Karate, Kickboxing and more. Her paws are registered weapons of the Babazoo Government and she frequently goes undercover to protect the planet and the Queen.

  • Toodlevark
    His name is Clark the Toodlevark and he is one of the sneakiest and nastiest creatures on the Planet Babazoo. He loves Toodle Beans and sucks them up with his long nose. The Toodlevark, er, um, Clark will steal your Toodle Beans when you're not looking. Toodlevarks typically live in the wild and don't stay in one place for long.

  • Zinger
    Zinger is a little diva and likes to be the center of attention. She loves fashion, looking in the mirror and being pampered. With Zinger, every moment is an opportunity to be fabulous. If left loose in your house, Zinger tends to get into your jewelry and makeup to play dress up when no one is looking.