Zinger’s New Talk Show

Hey divas! Check out my new talk show called ZINGER’S DIVA DISH. In my first show, I dish about the latest Spring Fashion Trends from my diva pad. You’ll learn about what’s hot… or cool… or whatever you Earthlings call it! You can view the video in the Videos section of the Babazoobas website.


Happy Friday! I’ve Got a Joke!

Frida’s Joke of the Day:

Q: What do frogs drink in the winter?
A: Hot Croako!

Babazoobas Valentines… Hot off the Press!!!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with FREE Babazoobas Valentines! There are six out-of-this-world designs to give to your friends and family. Just download the PDF and print on your color printer. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click here for the file, earthlings!

PlanetBabazoo InSpace
Welcome to the Planet Babazoo

This tiny purple planet is home to the Babazoobas and our quirky Queen Zoorelda. Where is the Planet Babazoo? Somewhere deep in space beyond a bajillion stars…so far out it will blow your mind. It’s a whole different world up here!  Read the Babazoobas story on Babazoobas.com (click on OUR STORY). Stay tuned for funny Babazoobas cartoon episodes coming soon!

This Video Rocks!

I had a blast making my first music video to the Babazoobas Tagalong Song. You know how much I LOVE music! I told the director that I think the video might make it look like we’re a little clingy… but we’re really just a bunch of fun-loving friends from outer space. We love to tagalong with you… see what you see…do what you do. So take us everywhere you go. Check out the Babazoobas Tagalong Toys. We attach to your phone, iPod or gaming device using your audio port – or you can hook us to your backpack! (We have little legs, so it’s easier if we can hook on to your stuff so we can keep up with you.)

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

OK, so I’m flattered that they made a plush toy to look like me. I know I’m FABULOUS! But you would think they would put me in the front row when they took the photo of the new plush toy line? Look at this photo!  I can’t believe they stuck me in the back. C’mon folks, we all know who’s got the looks here.  If you want to impress the humans with cute plush toys, who’s the cutest of them all? ME!!!

I’m going to have to talk to that photographer.

I demand a re-shoot.

Be sure to buy MY plush toy (Zinger) so I sell more than all the others… I want to show those amateurs how it’s done. See you at the Toy Fair at Booth #4119!

Almost There… First Stop the Toy Fair in NY!

Phanta, here. Commander of the Babazoobas Earth Team #1. Our intergalactic coordinates are telling us that we are getting close to Earth… we have your planet in sight on our instruments. It’s been a bumpy ride – we just went through an asteroid belt. Ginzo almost lost his lunch.

We’re going to make a pit stop on Mars in your universe before heading toward your planet. We have a bathroom on the ship – it’s mainly to let Chi Chi run off some steam. You wouldn’t believe how spazzy he gets when he’s been cooped up in a small spaceship for a few days. I think Frida’s about ready to kill him. (Just kidding!)

We’ll see you soon. I think we’re going to land near the International Toy Fair in New York and spend a few days there before heading out by you. We should be there by February 10. The Queen booked a booth (#4119) at the Toy Fair for us. We hear it’s the funnest place on Earth! (Plus we’ll blend in there and can be stealth about our arrival.)

An AMAZING Discovery

Hello, this is Queen Zoorelda from the Planet Babazoo. Our planet is located far away, past the sun and the moon… beyond a bajillion stars. I have sent a team of Babazoobas to your planet on a very important mission – they should be arriving very soon.

Your planet Earth looks very interesting from up here. My scientist Bunsen left a star gazer in my royal garden … so I looked through it. Bunson hates it when I fiddle with his stuff – especially after I blew up his lab last month… but I couldn’t help myself. (I’m posting a picture of me and Toodles next to the star gazer so you can see how AMAZING this thing is.)

Earth looks like the perfect place to grow my favorite treat in the entire universe… Toodle Beans. Bunson agrees. He’s very sciency. That’s why my Babazoobas are coming to Earth. Keep an eye out for them in the night sky… it won’t be long. They need humans to adopt them and help them explore when they get to Earth. Be sure to tell all your friends that they are coming!

Test Transmission

Greetings Earthlings! This is the scientist Bunsen, from my lab, testing communication with your home planet Earth. I will be posting here from time to time to communicate with the Babazoobas we have sent to your planet to discover all they can.