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An AMAZING Discovery

Hello, this is Queen Zoorelda from the Planet Babazoo. Our planet is located far away, past the sun and the moon… beyond a bajillion stars. I have sent a team of Babazoobas to your planet on a very important mission – they should be arriving very soon.

Your planet Earth looks very interesting from up here. My scientist Bunsen left a star gazer in my royal garden … so I looked through it. Bunson hates it when I fiddle with his stuff – especially after I blew up his lab last month… but I couldn’t help myself. (I’m posting a picture of me and Toodles next to the star gazer so you can see how AMAZING this thing is.)

Earth looks like the perfect place to grow my favorite treat in the entire universe… Toodle Beans. Bunson agrees. He’s very sciency. That’s why my Babazoobas are coming to Earth. Keep an eye out for them in the night sky… it won’t be long. They need humans to adopt them and help them explore when they get to Earth. Be sure to tell all your friends that they are coming!