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Babazoobas Valentines… Hot off the Press!!!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with FREE Babazoobas Valentines! There are six out-of-this-world designs to give to your friends and family. Just download the PDF and print on your color printer. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click here for the file, earthlings!

PlanetBabazoo InSpace
Welcome to the Planet Babazoo

This tiny purple planet is home to the Babazoobas and our quirky Queen Zoorelda. Where is the Planet Babazoo? Somewhere deep in space beyond a bajillion stars…so far out it will blow your mind. It’s a whole different world up here!  Read the Babazoobas story on (click on OUR STORY). Stay tuned for funny Babazoobas cartoon episodes coming soon!

Test Transmission

Greetings Earthlings! This is the scientist Bunsen, from my lab, testing communication with your home planet Earth. I will be posting here from time to time to communicate with the Babazoobas we have sent to your planet to discover all they can.