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Almost There… First Stop the Toy Fair in NY!

Phanta, here. Commander of the Babazoobas Earth Team #1. Our intergalactic coordinates are telling us that we are getting close to Earth… we have your planet in sight on our instruments. It’s been a bumpy ride – we just went through an asteroid belt. Ginzo almost lost his lunch.

We’re going to make a pit stop on Mars in your universe before heading toward your planet. We have a bathroom on the ship – it’s mainly to let Chi Chi run off some steam. You wouldn’t believe how spazzy he gets when he’s been cooped up in a small spaceship for a few days. I think Frida’s about ready to kill him. (Just kidding!)

We’ll see you soon. I think we’re going to land near the International Toy Fair in New York and spend a few days there before heading out by you. We should be there by February 10. The Queen booked a booth (#4119) at the Toy Fair for us. We hear it’s the funnest place on Earth! (Plus we’ll blend in there and can be stealth about our arrival.)