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Babazoobas are a new line of toys designed by moms to help foster imaginative play and learning. Today video games and electronic toys take away the need for your children to be creative and imaginative. Babazoobas are designed to inspire your child to play with the toy characters in a way that fosters creativity and builds an appreciation for the world around them.

The Babazoobas are here from the Planet Babazoo to learn everything they can about Earth. Your kids become their guides and along the way are encouraged to learn about the world. The story behind the Babazooba’s journey to earth sets the groundwork for children to explore the world around them with their toy and journal about their experiences together.

We invite you to encourage your child to play with their Babazoobas, take them everywhere they go and journal about their experiences. They will build an appreciation for the world around them and create a journal that will capture memories for years to come.

Security and Safety

At, our goal is to provide SAFE and FUN entertainment for your kids. We don’t collect ANY personal information about your kids that will make them identifiable in order to protect their privacy.

We provide an ad-free environment so your children are not solicited by outside advertisers. We do not require your child to register to enjoy the fun stuff on the website. Our online eStore provides secure online payments for parents.

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